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Tours beyond Phuket - Kanchanaburi


Situated a mere 130km east of Bangkok, the quiet Kanchanaburi province bordering with Myanmar (formerly Burma) has it all: rich history, stunning nature and friendly people.


Its proximity with Myanmar always played a crucial role in Thailand’s history; starting in the early 18th century when King Rama I used the region as a first line of defense against the eventual invasions of the Burmese armies and continuing during World War II when the Japanese forces tried to open a railway route to Burma and forced Allied prisoners of war and conscripted Southeast Asians to build a railway which history had been retold in David Lean's movie “The Bridge over the River Kwai”.


Kanchanaburi is also a must-see area of Thailand for its breathtaking nature.


Indeed this province is located where the rivers Kwai Noi and Kwai Yai, meandering between jungle covered high cliffs, converge into the Mae Klong river; offering plenty of exceptional sceneries and outdoors activities ranging from elephant trekking, jungle trekking to bamboo rafting.


This wild nature is also the home of numerous waterfalls including the Erawan waterfall regarded as one of the most beautiful of the whole of Asia and one that is supposed to bring luck if you get to its top 7th tier and cave temples carved into the limestone cliffs where animistic spirits mingle with traditional Buddhist images.


Kanchanaburi is a captivating area for nature lovers and photographers alike; offering incomparable opportunities to capture incredible sceneries of high limestone cliffs, caves and waterfalls and this is the reason why Phuket Photo Tours could not miss the chance to take you there for unforgettable photo tours.


Death Railway Tour


Bridge over the River Kwai – Hellfire Pass Memorial – JEATH War Museum

Price: 3,900 THB



Revisit a part of our world history; retrace its steps to the heart of the events played during World War II and pay homage to the war heroes who lost their lives working at the construction of the Burma Railway.

At the same time you step back in time, try to immortalize the absolutely stunning sceneries surrounding these historically rich grounds.


You will meet the photographer and the rest of the group at the famous Bridge over the River Kwai at 07:30am – the best time of the day to be there and to shoot the bridge and the locomotives left on display before the crowds show up.


After a quiet shooting session at the famous bridge, you will leave for the Hellfire Pass Memorial situated some 100km north of the bridge.


The Hellfire Pass Memorial has been created in remembrance of the thousands of prisoners of war who were forced by the Japanese in 1942 to built the railway to Burma and is located at the Hellfire Pass cutting where thousands of men suffered the brutality of their captors, appalling living conditions and disease while they had to cut through solid rock before laying the sleepers. The Hellfire Pass Memorial – managed by the Australians – is surely worth a visit for its extremely high quality exhibitions and testimonials of the construction of the Death Railway.


After being moved by the images and the voices of the past, it is time to move outdoors again and follow the track to the actual Hellfire Pass via the trail that has been cleared and is maintained offering you the opportunity not only to witness history on site but also to catch on camera some unique jungle scenes.


The trail is more or less 2km long and is very easy to follow – despite the sun being very hot, so don’t forget to bring some rehydrating fluids - and provides explanations on the construction of the railway doted along the way.


Upon return in Kanchanaburi Town and by the bridge, your last stop will be the Jeath War Museum on the bank of the river where a little surprise awaits you! And finally, it will be time for a debriefing and review of your pictures by the photographer.


Photo Gallery

River Kwai Bridge

Hellfire Pass

Jeath War Museum

  • River Kwai Bridge
  • Hellfire Pass
  • Jeath War Museum




A minimum of two participants and booking 3 weeks in advance are required to conduct this tour




The tour includes:

» Meeting at bridge at 07.30am

» Guidance and onsite photographic workshop by professional photographer

» Admission fee at the JEATH War Museum

» Transport between the locations of the tour


What to bring:

Camera equipment, hat, sunscreen, proper walking shoes are advised for the Hellfire Pass walking trail, rehydrating drinks.