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Underwater Photography


At Phuket Photo Tours we love everything photography and not only the landscapes of Thailand keep us inspired for beautiful photography but also all the wonders lying under the seas!


Our team comprises an underwater photographer who only waits for you to make you discover the underwater world or expand your photographic horizon to the marine landscapes and the colorful world of corals and exotic fishes.




If you want to explore the underwater world with the intention or not to photography it, Phuket Photo Tours can organize your scuba diving courses from beginner to continued scuba diving education under the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) agency - the most widely spread and worldwide recognized scuba diving agency.


The first level of certification in the PADI system is the Open Water Course, best achieved in 4 days, that allows you to scuba dive to a depth of 18m/60ft with a fellow certified diver or with a PADI professional.


Once certified you will be able to enjoy the underwater world and soon you will want to bring back to the surface photographic testimonials of the incredible beauty of the marine life.






For already certified divers regardless of their agency (PADI or others) Phuket Photo Tours offer underwater photography courses for all levels of underwater photography skills; from beginner to advanced level.


These courses have been specifically developed by Phuket Photo Tours to focus on the practical aspects of marine photography and include a manual with the essential theoretical principles of photography while scuba diving and a certain number of dives which depend on the level of photography abilities.





The 3 levels of underwater photography courses are the following ones:






This course is intended for divers who discover marine photography and wish to learn to get the maximum of a compact camera underwater. No knowledge of photography at all is needed for this course.

Amount of dives: 4




This course is designed for divers who are already familiar with the principles of photography and a compact camera used underwater and want to achieve better pictures with either a point and shoot compact camera or a more elaborate compact camera.

Amount of dives: 7



Advanced – DSLR level

The Advanced level is the course for divers who are familiar with (diving) photography and want to learn underwater photography with a DSLR, the workings of external lighting, etc. This level also requires a good level of diving skills including good buoyancy.

Amount of dives: 14


All courses are available either land based with day trip diving for the open water practice or, our recommended option, on liveaboard diving for 4days/4nights trips which is the standard duration of a trip for liveaboard diving from Phuket.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in underwater photography, to know what course would be best for you or for any other question that you may have regarding underwater photography.